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Great Testimonial on Getting Started in Internet Marketing

March 19, 2009

I gotta say, I love seeing Ezra Firestone give a video testimonial on David Wood’s ‘Get Paid For Who You Are’ Training Program – see

Catch the video:

Or click here to go watch it on YouTube:


Obama on credit card reform

March 19, 2009

I love what Obama had to say on March 18, 2009 about his plans for credit card reform. See this link to a 2-minute video on

Function to Convert TextRange to TextRange2 Objects and Vice-Versa

March 13, 2009

PowerPoint 2007 introduced the TextRange2 object which enhances the features of the TextRange object.

You may find the need to switch from a TextRange object to a TextRnge2 object because of the enhanced features available there. Conversely, you may wish to switch from a TextRange2 object to a TextRange object so you can use the more traditional features available there. Let’s get into the code…

' Convert from TextRange to TextRange2.
Function TextRangeToTextRange2(TextRange As PowerPoint.TextRange) As Office.TextRange2
    With TextRange
        Set TextRangeToTextRange2 = .Parent.Parent.TextFrame2.TextRange.Characters(.Start, .Length)
    End With
End Function

I had a need to make extensive use of the new properties of the TextRange2 object. However, I had some legacy code which made use of the Font.Color and Font.Underline properties. Well, surprise, surprise, those properties are not available in the Font2 object. I wanted a simple solution, so I wanted to go from a Font2 object to a regular Font object.

The best way to do this is to make use of my function TextRange2ToTextRange. Here is some sample code:

Sub SetUnderline(TextRange2 As Office.TextRange2)
    ' TextRange2.Font.Underline = msoTrue would not work.
    ' This does not work because TextRange2's Font property is a Font2 object.
    ' The Font2 object has UnderlineColor and UnderlineStyle properties,
    ' not the old-style Underline property.
    ' Instead we use the conversion function:
    TextRange2ToTextRange(TextRange2).Font.Underline = msoTrue
End Sub

Similarly, the Color property is not a member of Font2, so if you want to set just a plain-old RGB color, you can use the function:

Sub MakeRed(TextRange2 As Office.TextRange2)
    TextRange2ToTextRange(TextRange2).Font.Color = vbRed
End Sub

PowerPoint 2007 TextFrame2 is member of Office, not PowerPoint

March 1, 2009

The title says it all – PowerPoint 2007’s TextFrame2 object (and its associated objects TextRange2 and ParagraphFormat2) is a member of the Office library, not the PowerPoint library. That means that if you want to fully declare it, you must refer to it as Office.TextFrame2, not PowerPoint.TextFrame2.
You can verify all this in the Object Browser in the VBA IDE by hitting F2 and searching for the classes.