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Save Time with Internet Explorer Shortcuts

August 21, 2009

Just published my latest article “Save Time with Internet Explorer Shortcuts” in Computor Companion. It tells you all the keyboard shortcuts you can use to speed up your life in Internet Explorer. This is my first article in Computor Companion. Here’s a list of my articles in another excellent free online publication TechTrax.


The Generation M Manifesto by Umair Haque

August 2, 2009

Kathleen Morris sent me this link to Umair Haque’s Generation M Manifesto – a blog post describing some of the qualities of the new directions in the economy and society in general. Out with the big autos and bloat, in with integrity and wholeness. Notice it says you don’t HAVE to be young to be in this club of people who want to evolve the world – you just have to want it and have the vision.


Umair Haque’s Generation M Manifesto