Movie Review: Rio (2011)

Rio was a really cute movie! I didn’t expect to enjoy it quite so much.

It’s an animated film from Blue Sky Studios, distributed by Twentieth Century Fox, with primary voices by Anne Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg, George Lopez, Leslie Mann, and Jamie Foxx.

It’s a light, fun story, with a little romance and drama thrown in. Rated G and 96 minutes.

The graphics are extremely colorful and vibrant, making for a really fun visual treat.

The story is about Blu, the last male macaw, living in Minnesota with his young owner, Linda, who’s a bit of a loner who runs her own bookstore. Blu is Linda’s closest friend. A young Brazilian veterinarian who loves birds finds Linda and Blu and asks Linda to bring Blu down to Rio de Janeiro to mate with the last surviving female macaw, Jewel. Reluctantly Linda and Blu agree and they travel down to Rio.

The excitement starts when Blu and Jewel are birdnapped, sending Linda and Tulio (the vet) and many animals from the rain forest out on a quest to rescue Blu and Jewel from their captors. Comic effect and emotional tone are contributed to by Blu’s inability to fly because he’s lived too domesticated of a lifestyle, which ties in with another theme that is explored in the movie – Jewel’s freewheeling nature vs. Blu’s more conservative safety-oriented approach to life.

The movie has a happy ending for all, and all-in-all, it’s quite a joyous romp, with much to enjoy for audiences of all ages. This is not an excellent movie, but a light one that provides lots of beautiful visual imagery and a lot of fun for everyone.


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