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PowerPoint 2007 Indent Levels

February 16, 2009

Yes, I’ve confirmed that PowerPoint 2007 has 9 Indent Levels, unlike the 5 in previous versions.
Additionally, you can change indentation on a paragraph basis. On older versions, indentations were set only for the indent level, and individual paragraphs needed to conform to one of the preset levels.
To access these new features in VBA, you must use the TextFrame2 object hierarchy instead of the regular TextFrame hierarchy. When using the TextFrame2 hierarchy, all the additional features open up to the API for you.


How Many Ruler Indent Levels Does PowerPoint Have?

February 12, 2009

We’re investigating today how many ruler indent levels Microsoft PowerPoint allows per shape. Some say 5, some say 9. It may vary from version to version. I’ve tried it on PowerPoint 2002 and it’s 5 there.
I’ve verified this by creating a slide, typing some text on a bullet, then clicking the Increase Indent button multiple times. It allows me to click it 4 times before the button grays out. I can then decrease 4 times before the Decrease Indent button grays out.
I’ve also verified this in VBA by going into the Immediate window in the Visual Basic IDE and typing:
The response is 5.
I’ve heard reports that the value is 9 in PowerPoint 2007. I have not verified this, not have I checked in 2003.
However, even the Microsoft documentation on 2007 says it’s five – you can check here:
RulerLevels Object [PowerPoint 2007 Developer Reference]
Will someone solve the mystery? I may just have to try it on 2007 myself. Stay tuned…